What to expect: day 22 IVF scan

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My day 22 IVF scan went well – hooray! Such a relief as I was worried.

It was a bit of a palaver, though. I booked a scan in London as I was supposed to have a work meeting nearby on the same morning. But a couple of days before, the meeting was cancelled. So I ended traipsing all the way into The City from Windsor just for the 30-minute scan, and all the way back again – the whole journey door to door took five hours…

But the main thing is the scan showed everything looked normal, although the sonographer did ask if I had a history of endometriosis as there were some small fibroids in my uterus muscle wall. That worried me, as I haven’t and wonder if it’s a result of past IVF treatment. However, she said the fibroids were far away from the ovaries and should not be an issue.

It was interesting seeing the scan play out on screen. The sonographer showed me that my right ovary had around 12 follicles, and the left had roughly the same amount but were a bit bigger. She explained that’s because this month I’d ovulated from my left side, which had been more active. There was even a follicle that you could see had released the egg (the corpus luteum). Next month, the right ovary will be more active. I found that fascinating.

The sonographer also said that I was one of their youngest clients. At 37! That made me feel so good. I don’t feel old in myself at all (quite the opposite) but in terms of fertility, 37 is old, right? Not when it comes to IVF. The clinic apparently has mostly women in their 40s and even 50s! That was amazing to me. I cannot imagine being 50 and wanting a baby. But it does happen.

After the scan, I waited five minutes for a printed report and six photos. Then I made my way back to the train station, took pics of the report anon my phone and emailed them over to GENNET. They wanted it before 2pm Czech time, and it was 12 noon by then, so I was anxious to get it over to them.

I didn’t get a response until about 3pm UK time to say I was fine to start treatment that evening. Such a relief! So I did my first sniff of Syranel yesterday evening – first time I’ve downregged by sniffing. Much better than injections! Having said that, I have googled any side effects and people are talking about having severe PMS symptoms and tiredness. I didn’t get anything other than tiredness last round, so fingers crossed for me this time. 

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