What is an IVF day 22 scan for, anyway?

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My third IVF cycle is with GENNET, Prague, and I am going for my day 22 scan later this week.

Obviously I’m not travelling to Prague for it, so I’ve made an appointment with Ultrasound Direct in London. I will need to take a copy of the results and send to GENNET before 2pm Czech time. They will then decide if I’m OK to start deregulating the same day.

I had tried to call City Fertility (the sister clinic to GENNET) to book a scan but no one picked up the phone, so I chose Ultrasound instead as I’ve used the company before. This branch did say to me that they won’t give me the results digitally, though, so I’m hoping GENNET is OK with me taking a photo and emailing it over…

I’m a bit scared though. For the first time this month (and forgive my TMI), I started spotting. Not spots of blood, but pink discharge. And quite a bit of it (sorry!). I’ve never really had that before, so now I’m freaking out I have a cyst or fibroids or something not quite right. 

It could be ovulation bleeding, but I’ve never have that before. Plus the spotting seems to have happened before ovulation should occur in my cycle (day 16). I guess I’ll soon find out.

I’ve been googling (obvs) and normally it seems women have this scan on day 21, so I’m not sure why mine is day 22. However, I did find a reassuring post that says it doesn’t have to be exactly on day 21, so that’s a relief. 

Also, I’m not actually 100% what this scan is for! Is it my antral follicle count (AFC) scan, or baseline scan?! I can’t believe I don’t know this! I will email the clinic now and report back! (Nips off to send an email…).

The next day, I received this response to my question:

We need to confirm that there are no abnormalities (such as cysts etc.) and also the endometrium thickness and type. If they include info about follicles it would be good as well. 

I also received a template that they want me to get Ultrasound to complete. 

However, it’s a bit confusing. It asks for endometrium thickness and type, which I understand. But then it says ‘myometrium structure’ (homogenous/non homogenous), which I’ve never heard of. I’ve googled this and apparently it’s the smooth muscle wall of the uterus, and one of the strongest muscles in the body. OK…

Then it asks for ‘myoms’ in the uterus. I had to google this as well. I think this is fibroids (but it seems to be spelled myomas in English so not sure if ‘myoms’ is a Czech spelling). This is why going abroad for treatment can be stressful, by the way: these uncertainties. Perhaps I should have gone to City Fertility for the scan…

Finally, the form asks for number of follicles on each ovary. This is normally what clinics assess on day two of your cycle (which is your baseline scan or antral follicle count scan) because apparently that’s when they can see the follicles more easily. The higher the number (eight an over per ovary is classified as average to high), the more likely your chances of success.

In my first cycle, Reprofit (Brno) didn’t ask me to do a baseline scan. At Jessops (Sheffield), they did and found eight follicles on each ovary, so I was expecting really great results. Unfortunately, not all of those follicles responded by stimulation drugs, so I’m hoping being on higher dosages of drugs might help this time.

I’m just praying there are lots of follicles and no cysts, otherwise I’m going to be gutted. I’ve already booked flights, accommodation and annual leave, plus I’ve got £1,500 of drugs sitting in my fridge. This scan is a big deal. 

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