Week 15 – all going swimmingly?

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Can you believe it’s week 15? Last week I wrote about how we’d taken Baby R to the doctor about her reflux, and she was prescribed Gaviscon. The first night she took it, she slept 8pm-5am, and then again the second night. I honestly thought we’d cracked it! But since then her sleep has been pretty terrible. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve not given her the full quota of sachets (six double doses a day seemed a bit much – I was worried she’d get constipated) but one night’s sleep was so bad, I couldn’t stop crying when I woke up. It was a build-up of sleep deprivation, as well as the prospect of looking after the baby for another full week with no plans in the diary. I was beside myself. 

I remember one of my friends saying that when their child went on Gaviscon, they were like ‘a different baby’. It sounds awful, but I was really hoping for this! It’s been a long few months, I can tell you. In hindsight, I think Baby R has suffered from reflux all along, but it’s only come to a head more recently. But since we’ve given her Gaviscon, I’m pleased to say she has changed – quite significantly. She’s not grunting as much, has started squealing (!) and is generally much more chilled. Her naps are longer, she’s more tolerant of being on her back and – by and large – I’m finding her much easier to cope with during the day. Having said that, she’s definitely not quite right still. She’s suffering from a lot of trapped wind, which is waking her up at least twice in the middle of the night. But on the whole, the changes have been positive.

One nightmare I did have this week was I tried to give her a bottle of defrosted expressed milk, and she refused to take it. I did not expect this at all, as she’d taken a bottle so easily when I was giving her top-ups in her first couple of months. I’m persevering, because I want to transition her to formula so I can crack on with IVF preparation asap, but it’s proving tricky. But I’m due to start my L4 counselling course in four weeks (!!!) so I need her to take a bottle so my husband can give her a final feed on those evenings. 

I’m so stressed about doing this course. For one, I’m worried I’ll have no time to do the work. Daft isn’t it, as I have nothing else to do… except keep the baby alive, of course. For two, it would be easiest (it’d take less time and be safer with COVID) if I drove there, but I’m scared about driving (I’ve not driven in so long). And for three, and most importantly, I need to organise childcare for Baby R. I’m worried about palming her off with someone as she’s so little. I’m also stressed about the cost, which is silly. But I need to ignore that one. This is a course that I’ve wanted to do forever and I’ve committed to it now. Plus now I’ve found out my job is safe, I have the money to pay for it. So there’s no point in even thinking about it. It’s a done deal.

Finally, and maybe I should have started with this given the title of this post, Baby R and I went swimming for the first time. It was amazing! I was SO worried about it all – would she catch COVID, would she have a meltdown, what if I couldn’t cope? But she loved it, and I enjoyed seeing her enjoy herself so much. The leisure centre is really well organised because of coronavirus, so you have to book a slot during ‘family swim’ time and everywhere is spotlessly clean and uncrowded. I’d say the whole experience was far less stressful because of corona, to be honest. If it wasn’t so darn expensive (£12.50) I’d want to go every week. I’ve heard regular swimming is important from a young age, as many kids grow an aversion to it, so we will keep it up.

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