Week 14 – positives and negatives

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Pink and yellow macaroons

Another week, another exciting update ;-)! 

The positives

You’ve got to look at the silver linings, so whereas this week was testy with R’s reflux (more on that later), we did make a rather good purchase on eBay. Oh hello, Graco Simple Sway! This cost me £10 from a local seller, and it is amazing. It’s what you might call a Game Changer. You bung her in, the machine swings her from side to side while playing a lullaby, and within 10 minutes she’s asleep. Brilliant! I’m cautious not to over use it, as it’s probably not great for her posture, but it’s OK for the midday nap (and she’s in there right now!). I’m so happy with it. 

I also managed to book my first mommy/baby class. It doesn’t start for another few weeks, but I’ve paid for it now paid so I have something to give me a bit of structure to the week. Maybe I’ll meet some more local moms! It’s been tough during lockdown. I’d say up until a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t missed the classes because I’ve been so wrapped up with getting to grips with motherhood. However, now things are a little easier, I’m getting a bit bored and a tiny bit lonely. I’m pretty good in my own company, but when the weeks stretch out empty, it’s a scary prospect with a challenging baby. So I’m excited to get stuck into a few activities. I also met for a coffee with a girl from our NCT class, which was lovely, and hope I can keep up the momentum with that.

Another plus this week was going for a mid-week morning run. I’m still not able to go far without it hurting my tummy (I guess the c-section bruising is pretty deep) but it’s quite nice to take it gentle and not put pressure on myself to go faster and longer. It might normally find it hard to motivate myself to go for an early morning run normally. However, when it’s one of the few opportunities to get out of the house by yourself and have a bit of precious ‘me’ time, you’ve got to take it. So I did, and I feel my fitness ever so slowly coming back to me now. I need to get rid of my muffin top – not from pregnancy, but as a result of all the cake-munching since!

Oh, and I mustn’t forget to mention R hit another milestone this week – her first laugh. I would love to say it was at me, or my husband, but it was as a result of my friend! And it wasn’t a fluke. Baby R laughed loads, and she’s never done that before. This reinforces my suspicion that she’s a bit bored of us – well, me at least. But I am going to try what my friend did with her, which is picking her up with her hands either side of the baby’s stomach and lifting her up, high in the air and making funny faces. She loved it! I’ve been trying to get R laugh since and, other than a little giggle, I’ve had nothing. Nothing!

The negatives

So it’s good to look at the positives first, because it reminds me of all the good stuff from this week – and there’s been a lot of it! But it’s also been incredibly tough, with three or four long and sleep-deprived days and nights. R’s reflux is improving but in it’s place she’s straining a lot. It’s a bit like she’s trying to have a poo, but her poos are pretty wet (sorry, TMI) so she’s not constipated. Anyway, it’s been exhausting trying to manage her constant crying and discomfort.

We eventually went to see the doctor, who prescribed her Gaviscon. I’m not sure it’s 100% the right thing, as this is for reflux, and her spitting up has improved. BUT, after the first day of her taking it, she slept from 8:30pm-5am. She ‘slept through’. Just in the nick of time as well, as I was running on empty. Fingers crossed this wasn’t a fluke and there’s more of that sleep to come. I’ve also decided not to give R any formula yet, until we see how the Gaviscon goes.

Another thing that’s got to me this week was getting a text from a neighbour about our cats pooing in her garden. She was very nice about it, but essentially she’s pretty pissed off and wondered if I could ‘suggest anything’ to help… I don’t know why this has stressed me out, but in a world where I have very little to do all day other than keeping a baby alive, it’s on my mind. I’ve ordered some deterrent stuff off Amazon, so fingers crossed it will help. I could really do without any friction caused by it, especially as I’m at home all day, as is she. Plus the cats have been doing my head in, generally. They’re both getting old and needy, and I just haven’t got the time nor patience for them at the moment. Which I feel awful to say, as they’re my original babies…

But I don’t want to end this post on a negative. So I’ll include a photo or two of the cats and one of the reasons they’re annoying me… they basically sit on everything baby-related. Her basket full of babygrows, her Sleepyhead, her bouncer, her playmat, her pram… anything! It drives me absolutely potty, as they leave hair everywhere and then I spend all day picking cat fur off the baby! But I do love them, the poor little buggers.

Black cat on pram
Doing her best baby impression
Take me for a walk, human
Black cat Sleepyhead
Look, I’m just as cute as that baby
Black and white cat in baby rocker
Well at least someone’s making use of the Nuna Leaf!
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