Well, it’s done – I am officially ready for egg collection!

I had to call Jessops yesterday afternoon to make sure my hormone levels from my blood test taken that morning were at the right level. It took over an hour to get through as the line was continually busy.

When I finally spoke to someone, they told me I was all good, and to come in on Wednesday at 8am for the procedure at 10am. I’m to bring socks, a vest top, some water, a snack and some magazines. And my husband, of course, who will drive up to Sheffield this evening.

They also told me to take my trigger shot, Gonasi, at 10pm that night. So, no more Buserelin or Gonal F for me. Yipee!

It feels like a long time that I’ve been doing all these injections, but now I can’t believe we’re at this stage again. I actually feel excited, even though I don’t think we’ll get many eggs.

I’m also fully aware that I could be massively disappointed tomorrow. On the flip-side, it could go OK.

What I’m dreading is the waiting game. Tomorrow we’ll find out how many eggs. The day after how many were mature and fertilised. Then on Saturday, how many are still going. If we get to Monday and there are any eggs left, it’ll be a good day.

And then the dreaded two-week wait.

My mom asked me yesterday if I was nervous about egg collection. Actually, no. I’m not looking forward to it, especially with sedation rather than a general anaesthetic like I had at Reprofit*, but at least the worse physical bit will be done.

I’m thinking about going home to Windsor tomorrow afternoon with my hubby rather than staying in Sheffield. I might even go into the office on Thursday rather than work remotely, because I don’t think I can bear being alone.

But we’ll see. If tomorrow is awful, and we hardly get any eggs, the last place I’ll want to be is my work.

See you on the other side.

*I’ll take being knocked out over feeling woozy any day.

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