Top tip for coping with AF this month

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I was listening to my favourite fertility podcast the other day (now those are words I didn’t expect to be writing a year ago!) and came across a great little tip I’d like to share.

One of the listeners wrote in to say that every month, when her dreaded period showed up, she would feel pretty down. So she started buying herself a little ‘period present’ to cheer herself back up again.

Now I know this is a really simple hack, but it’s such a great one. I struggle to treat myself at the moment. Every penny I have is mentally allocated to the IVF fund, because who knows how many goes at this we’re going to need. So buying anything fun or frivolous, for me, feels irresponsible.

But we have to live, and life really does go on. Plus, the present doesn’t have to be expensive.

So this month, when the witch rears her ugly head, I’m going to buy myself something I wouldn’t normally indulge in. Like going to Paperchase and investing in some pretty stationery, or to Lush to buy some lovely bath stuff. Or even going for a massage, one of my favourite indulgences!

I’d love to know if anyone else has this ritual, and what their monthly treat is. Lipstick, champagne or manicure – what’s your pick-me-up?

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