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No period… yet

It’s over a week since I started Synarel downregging, and I still haven’t started my period. I’m starting to freak out.

I’m supposed to tell GENNET when I come on. I was due on Friday, two days ago. Now it’s Sunday and there’s still no sign.

After a bit (ahem, OK a LOT) of googling I’ve discovered loads of women’s periods are delayed when on Synarel. But I’m scared in case mine is really delayed, and this will mean the whole cycle is disrupted.

Of course, because I’m going abroad for IVF treatment, the prospect of delayed treatment has a real impact. I’ve already booked all my flights and accommodation. There’s about £500 resting on me getting my period right now! 

Why is it that most of the time we’re hoping for no period, then when you actually want it, it goes into hiding?!

How I feel

I’ve had a horrendous week at work. I’m heading up a new project which is out of my comfort zone and the last thing I need is IVF. But IVF I have.

My manager knows I’ve started the medication. She’s pretty supportive (well, I think she knows she has to be careful not to push me too much) but there’s no getting away from my deadlines. So much for my New Year’s resolution of not staying in the office after 5pm. I was in at 7:20pm on Friday, after getting in at 8am :-(.

Apart from feeling tired, I’ve been OK on the drugs, I’d say. I did have a big sob a couple of days into  the sniffs. I was just overcome by feeling sorry for myself, and had a big cry for pretty much no good reason. But since then, it’s business as usual.

I treated myself to a wonderful spa session yesterday. I would highly recommend this! Two hours of pure indulgence, all about me. An invigorating hammam, one-hour massage and a facial. Devine. I was feeling frazzled before I went in – I came out a new woman. I really bloody needed it.

Exercise – should you?

I went for a run with my husband this morning. Not a massive one, but we were out for about an hour. And I felt tired, almost as soon as we set off. I went round our route at a snail’s pace, but hey – I did my best. 

I know people say you shouldn’t exercise when doing IVF, but I want to keep going until at least I start stimming. A bit of light jogging and rowing, although I’ll sack the abs drills on the head.

All I know is that I’ve not exercised much on the last two rounds, and that’s not made an ounce of a difference. I’d rather keep to a normal routine so I can feel good in myself, then dial it back at the business end.

So I’m keeping everything crossed for my period to come. Tomorrow would be excellent!

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