Should you take ubiquinol while stimming?

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I started stimming yesterday, and a funny thought popped into my head: should I still be taking ubiquinol now?

So I got the ‘It Starts with the Egg’ book from the shelf, and leafed through to find the answer. But I couldn’t find anything about it, despite this book being the reason why I’m taking 300mg of the stuff a day!

I’ve googled it, naturally, and the forums all say different things about supplements. However, no one thinks it’s an issue, so I’m going to keep taking it up to egg retrieval, which is in just over a week’s time.

I wonder if ubiquinol has made a difference. It’s hard to compare my cycles, because they’ve all been different, but this is the first one we’ve both taken this concentrated supplement. 

Other differences include the drugs I’m taking – always Gonal F but this time more of it, and sniffing rather than injecting for the first part. Of course the clinic’s new – third cycle, third clinic. And the time of year is different. 

I’m also one year older 🙁

Anyway, I’m excited. I’m fit, I’ve looked after myself over the last few months, I’ve taken many of the recommended supplements, I’ve drunk a shed load of water and hardly any booze… in fact, none this year and I haven’t even missed it.

I can’t do any more, can I? But hope and, dare I say it, pray.*

*I met someone yesterday who told me they were praying for me and my husband that the IVF works. Like, actually praying. They don’t even know me that well, but they’re praying for us… that just made me well up. I said: please don’t stop. We need all the prayers we can get.

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