Preparing for my baseline scan

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IVF round two and I am about to have my day two first baseline antral follicle count scan.

I can’t believe I am looking forward to getting my period this month and having this scan.

God only knows why. I have the worst period pains ever, getting my period means that we haven’t conceived naturally this month (as if) and we’ll have to travel almost 200 miles to have it done!

But I’m still excited, ‘cos it means the next IVF cycle is coming and we get a little bit closer to having a baby.

I didn’t have a baseline scan when I cycled at Reprofit, so I had to google what it’s there for. According to my research it’s to make sure:

‘your uterus lining is nice and thin, that there are no visible problems (i.e. no cysts or anything there that shouldn’t be) and to check to see if there are any “antral” follicles – immature follicles – in your ovaries.’

Should everything be OK (fingers firmly crossed) we’ll be able to start IVF treatment from day 21 of the same cycle. In three weeks’ time. That’s not long away!

I am pretty sure I’m going to come on my period tomorrow, which means me and my hubby will be driving up to Sheffield to Jessops for the scan the day after. We’ll likely also pay for and collect the drugs at the same time.

Obviously, I’m not looking forward to going through IVF again, especially now I’m doing the long protocol and all the extra injections. But it feels like such a long wait since the last cycle, and I’m definitely ready now.

Second time lucky? Let’s bloody well hope so.

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