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I said to myself this cycle that I wouldn’t trawl the IVF forums.

During the first round, I found myself disappearing down endless Google rabbit holes, which was so depressing at the time.

However, I’m doing it again. Now I’m stimming, and my first scan went down like a shit sandwich, I’m searching:

  • Uneven follicle growth
  • Number of follicles day 8 stims
  • Day 8 stim results.

Looking for some reassurance.

You come across lots of people like you, disappointed with their results, rightly or wrongly. Women who have loads of follicles, those like me with a not great but not horrendous amount, and the poor buggers who are on the brink of cancelling their cycle.

I apologise to anyone who is reading this and going: you ungrateful wretch. Seven follicles? I had two. Count your blessings, you miserable cow. And, fair play, I totally get it. There’s always someone who is worse off than you.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to copy and paste some nice little comments from the forums. Yes, fertility forums can be the worst – a real breeding ground for anxiety. However, generally speaking, the women there are so supportive and kind to one another.

It warms my heart to read such generosity from those who are going through one of the most difficult periods of their lives, and yet they are able to cheer on others who are in a better position than them. I feel these people are bigger people than me right now, but perhaps their goodwill might rub off on cranky old me.

Here are some of my favourites from today:

  • Stay calm and believe that you’re not out until you’re actually out. 
  • When I was ‘ready’ for trigger they thought I might get 5 eggs at the very best! Then they found 21 so I guess anything can happen.*
  • Even if this cycle doesn’t work out I think you have great potential when on the right protocol.
  • I started with about 15-16 follicles and my first ultrasound I was down to about 7-8. Only one on one ovary and the rest on the other. Long story short they retrieved 6 in the end and 5 ferilized with 2 making it to 5-day blasts. Now 6w4d preggo so don’t give up just because of this initial drop in follicle count.
  • You will see people who have many more eggs collected, like 26 at a time, and so on, but that’s the extreme at the other end. I had very few, but there are also some ladies who have none. As my FS said, it only takes one to make a baby. On a first cycle, the FS is likely to have been a little bit conservative with the medication doses, so he can see how you react, and minimise the risk of OHSS, which would not only make you very unwell, but also means they can’t so a fresh transfer.

*Imagine that! Maybe that’ll be me…

So let’s stay positive and take a leaf out of all these ladies’ books. It’s true to say, you’re not out til you’re actually out. So let’s keep going.

#PMA #itcouldbeworse #itwillbeworthit

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