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I’m 37 weeks pregnant (37+3 to be precise) and I’m feeling: anxious, uncomfortable, irritable, unsettled, anti-social, unprepared, frightened, regretful and angry. Why? Surely I should be excited, grateful and ready… the last few days, I seem to have gone into a bit of a fug. I’m really on edge, and sometimes I can’t breathe properly. All…Continue Reading “37-week update – the tension builds”

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I’m 19+2 today, and am feeling really anxious about our 20-week scan next week. I don’t think I’ll ever feel relaxed about these scans. I told a couple of friends on Friday about being so nervous, and they were like ‘But why? It’ll be fine!’ and I thought, you just don’t know that.  I remember…Continue Reading “Counting down to the 20-week scan”

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Today we went for our 12-week pregnancy scan. I say ‘second time lucky’ in the title because almost six months to the day, we made the same journey to the same hospital where we discovered our missed miscarriage. Going back to Frimley Green hospital was scary for us. We were petrified it might be history…Continue Reading “Our 12-week pregnancy scan – second time lucky?”