I was super impressed to receive an email from GENNET at 8:00am on day one post-egg collection confirming the number of eggs that were mature and which had fertilised. Day one email results The email from our co-ordinator said we had: 13 eggs collected (which we obviously knew), 12 mature, and eight fertilised. How did…Continue Reading “Day one and two results – post egg collection”

Sure, both clinics offer the same type of IVF services, they’re both relatively cheap compared to the UK and they both are in the Czech Republic. But how are they different, and which one would I choose? Here’s my verdict. 1. Location Reprofit – based in Brno, Czech Republic, the country’s second largest city. You…Continue Reading “Seven main differences between Reprofit and GENNET”

Many different coloured love hearts

Tomorrow is my day 7 stimming scan. And I have no idea what to expect. (Well I do. I’ve been through this twice before, you know. But you know what I mean.) Last cycle at this stage, I had the most awful experience. It was actually day 8 at Jessop’s, for some reason. And I…Continue Reading “Day 7 scan tomorrow – let it not be a repeat of last round”