If it wasn’t bad enough that I got a BFN after IVF cycle no. 1, I got an email yesterday from the company that owns my period tracker app telling me that – as of next week – my tracker will cease to work!

That’s a year and a half of periods that I need to add to a new tracker! And I’ll have to find a new tracker – ulgh, the effort!

Of course, if I was pregnant now I’d be thinking: oh, what perfect timing! I no longer have to track my periods for the next year so I can delete it and thinking nothing more about it.

But, of course, I’m absolutely not pregnant – far from it my friends. So a new period tracker I must find. Any ideas? I was using an app called ‘Period Dairy’ for a while, but found ‘Pink Pad’ (now deceased) much easier to navigate.

If anyone can make any recommendations, please let me know i:-).

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