IVF round two: Jessop’s debrief

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Last week I had a phone consultation with Jessop’s, Sheffield, to find out why my second IVF cycle didn’t work.

The appointment was at 4:30pm, so I found a spare meeting room at work and waited for the call. 


At 4:45pm, I decided to ring them. I spoke to the receptionist, and told her I was waiting for a call from one of the doctors. ‘Oh,’ she said. ‘I’m not sure she realised it was suppose to be over the phone.’ Great.

Five minutes later my mobile rang. On the other end was a very flustered sounding doctor. In fact, I couldn’t believe she was a doctor, she came across as so disorganised and uncertain of herself.

At one point, when I asked her about the quality of my eggs, she put me on hold to talk to one of the embryologists. I heard her skuttle out of the room and just thought: you really haven’t got a clue about my cycle, have you? She didn’t sound prepared for our conversation at all.

When she came back, she told me that although it was difficult to know whether the issue was with the eggs or sperm, it did look like the eggs had been OK. That was a relief to hear. ‘It would seem your problem is a male factor one,’ she said. No sh*t, Sherlock, I thought. I could have told me that. ‘Is that why we never get any to freeze,’ I asked, ‘because of the sperm quality?’ She said that was likely, although it was difficult to confirm for sure.

As far as the doctor was concerned, the long protocol they had me on had been a success in that it had yielded nine mature eggs. Her advice was to do the same again next time. ‘But I only got two average to poor blastocysts this time,’ I said, ‘whereas we had an excellent graded one with my first antagonist cycle. Shouldn’t I consider the short protocol again?’ But she didn’t give a definitive answer either way. 

I hung up the phone feeling none the wiser.

The call did help me make up my mind though that we are right in our decision to go somewhere else for IVF round three. You need to choose a clinic that you feel 100% certain about, and I don’t believe Jessop’s – as lovely as the people working there are – is able to offer that to me. For example, if the sperm is the main issue, I’d rather go somewhere that has more specialism in this area. 

Anyway, that’s not to say we won’t go back to Jessop’s again. But for this time at least, I’m drawing a line under it.

See here for our IVF round three plans.

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