How the five-day wait was way worse than the 2WW

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So is it just me or was the wait between egg collection and egg transfer WAY worse than the 2WW?

I mean, seriously. The ‘five day wait’ was the more horrendous friggin week of my life. We got six eggs from egg collection, when I was expecting about 20 (naively), so we were on the wrong foot to start with. Cue tears all day and an impending sense of doom that the whole thing was a complete disaster.

Waiting to call the clinic the next day at 1pm to find out how many eggs fertilised was possibly the worse wait of them all. When we called, we were told three out of six eggs had made it. Although, actually, only one had made it to embryo stage, and they were still waiting on the other two. So one egg then. Gre-e-eat.

We weren’t supposed to call the clinic until Day 3, but because we only had one embryo in the running at that point, I emailed my co-ordinator on day 2 and begged her to tell us if we had any left. Miraculously we had two left, one at four cells and one at five. This was the only day out of the whole week up until egg transfer where I felt any sense of relief.

Day 3, and two eggs were still going strong – this time one at eight cells, one at nine. We were fist pumping the air that we still had a chance. But then I knew that the odds of us getting any to make it to Day 5 were against us, so I didn’t want to hold my breath.

All the while we’re in Brno, Czech Republic, with nothing to do but wait. Sure, we went to the zoo one day, and the castle another. And we had dinner out, and walked around and went to the supermarket and enjoyed the sunny weather and all. But boy oh boy, is a week a long time to wait in a foreign country when you have no TV or creature comforts to take your mind off things.

But the worst wait in the whole week was between 1pm Day 3, and 3pm Day 5, when we had no idea if any of our embryos had made it. Making our way towards the clinic, we both felt like dead men walking – there was a 50/50% chance of having anything left at that stage. Would luck be on our side?

Well it was, thank goodness. We had a perfect little expanding embryo, and the doctor was confident about our chances.

The 2WW was a bit like a walk in the park compared with the first bit. Sure, it was hard to concentrate on anything as I was too busy googling the crap out of every symptom or none symptom I had! But at least we were back in the UK and at work, and the odds were on our side this time!

However, it wasn’t meant to be and the perfect little embryo didn’t implant. God knows why. Was the egg abnormal, did it stop growing, was the lining too thin? (This last one I doubt – I was taking so much progesterone, surely even the most abnormal bloody egg should have nestled into that lining!)

Anyway, I know people have worse five-day waits than me. Some get fewer eggs, or loads but hardly have any that are mature, or none of them make it to Day 5… at least we got one perfect little embryo. Or so we thought. Remember, even during those ‘what if’ times or ‘why me’ moments: it could always be worse.

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