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After the London Fertility show in London, my husband and I randomly decided we would have our third IVF cycle in Prague with GENNET. Abroad again.

It was a strange decision because GENNET didn’t have a stand at the show, but we fancied going abroad again because the facilities are so much better than what we’d experienced in the UK. They also do IMSI, which we wanted to try (this was a decision made even before we sent to see superstar urologist, Dr Jonathan Ramsay).

So I contacted the clinic, and set up a Skype call. They were almost 30 minutes late in calling, but finally we spoke. The weird thing was I was basically talking to the IVF co-ordinator in English, and she was translating what I was saying to the doctor, who was sitting by her side. With Reprofit (IVF round one) I’d spoken to the doctor direct.

Rather than an in-depth conversation, however, our chat was over in 10 minutes. I was a bit disappointed as it cost 100EUR and was supposed to be an hour, which was a bit of a joke. Ultimately, I don’t think it was necessary as I’d already sent all my details to them. Reprofit do their initial consultation for free. I think GENNET charges so people are more inclined to continue their treatment with them. I think it’s a bit of a racket.

Having said that, I received an email from them a week later with several paragraphs on their recommendations. However, I didn’t find what they sent that helpful. They recommended we use donor sperm, but I’d already said this wasn’t what we wanted. They said I should have immunological testing, but since the issue we have is male factor, I don’t see why we’d do this. They suggested my husband see their urologist (this is before we arranged to see Dr Ramsay) and that we do PICSI (not IMSI, which is what Dr Ramsay recommended).

They also sent over their recommended protocol. I was surprised to see they were recommending the short, antagonist one. Now I was confused. Jessops said I should stick to the long protocol, as this had given me the most eggs, and Reprofit said the same. So why was GENNET suggesting short? Sure, it’d be cheaper and easier for me to do, but what I’m not going to do is go through all this again to get only three mature eggs like last time. Unless there’s a very good reason they think I should.

So I queried this with GENNET. And a few days later, I got a response. The doctor had reviewed my records again, and stuck me on a long protocol instead. I opened up the PDF attachment and found a completely different regime to what I’d had at Jessops. I was going to be on 300 Gonal F rather than 225 for my last round. That’s a lot higher dose. Reprofit only suggested 250. And they’re saying I should use a sniffing drug rather than injections for downregging. And adding Menopur into the mix as well.

I don’t know how I feel about my new protocol. In a way, I’m excited. I’ll be on quite a high dose, so hopefully that’ll give me more eggs. I know there’s an argument (probably very sensible) to say you want quality not quantity. But I’m of the opinion that this is really a numbers game, now. We’ve never got any frozen eggs from the two rounds we’ve done, and I think that’s because both former clinics have erred on the side of caution. But I want more eggs. I don’t want to keep doing IVF, people. I want a bumper crop of eggs, five in the freezer and to have done with the whole bloody thing. Two embryos transferred, and twins – a boy and a girl. (Not twin boys!!!) This is My Plan for our next round.

The downside of this protocol is the cost. It’s outrageous (over £1,500 whereas the first round was only about £700, and the second less than £1K). And obviously we’ll be in Prague, so the issue of overstimulation is more of a worry. But I’ve not overresponded up to this point, and I’m now 37 (sob) so hardly a spring bloody chicken overflowing with sodding eggs. I’m up for this, you know. Hopefully GENNET knows what it’s doing.

So that’s that. I will order the drugs shortly, and am due to start sniffing (if the scan I need to get done on that day is OK) on 10 January 2019 for two weeks. (How brilliant, no injections!) Then, if the next scan is OK, we start the stims.

GENNET wants me to have my first stim scan in the UK, but the second in Prague. So I think I’m going to end up flying out on my own for that, so my husband doesn’t have to use up all his holiday. Hopefully my boss will be OK with me working a bit remotely while I’m there. I plan to take a least a week’s ‘holiday’ when my husband joins me.

Exciting times.

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