GENNET stops offering IMSI treatment…

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…and didn’t bother to tell us. 

And we only found out 24 hours before I was due to have my first (day 22) scan and start downregulating.

What happened was I’d emailed GENNET to get some clarity around what the day 22 scan is, and noticed in the IVF co-ordinator’s signature when she responded that it said ‘GENNET has new prices for 2019’.

So I replied back to check we were eligible for the 2018 prices, since we’d started the process last year. I then noticed on the price list that IMSI wasn’t there.

I’d had a horrible feeling about this, you see. When we received the recommendations for treatment initially, they offered PICSI and/or MACS rather than IMSI. But we’d been specifically told by one of the top urologists in Europe that he strongly recommended IMSI, because in our case it would help. 

So I couldn’t understand why GENNET hadn’t offered IMSI in the first place. When I queried this, the co-ordinator said we could have IMSI. That was only on 7 December. And now, literally a month later, they’re saying it’s no longer available.

I’m absolutely gutted. We have spent over £1K seeking expert advice and chosen a clinic that offers IMSI specifically, and for the clinic to say suddenly, the day before I’m due to start treatment, that they no longer offer what we need is soul destroying.

In the email from GENNET, the co-ordinator says they’ve replaced IMSI with an ‘even better’ method: microfluidic sperm sorting. But better for who?

There’s no information about this technique that I can find on the intranet. Nobody on any of the IVF forums has mentioned it. It’s clearly a new and untested.

GENNET’s website says:

Chemical-free method of sorting sperm using a disposable chip. 

The method is based on the principle of natural sperm selection in a passage through micro-barriers imitating natural environment of female reproductive system (fallopian tubes). 

Selected sperm cells have better morphology, genetic quality and more than double viability and motility than unsorted sperm. This method demonstrably increases the success of a cycle by up to 25%.

How can they say it increases the success of a cycle by 25%? According to what research? Surely it depends on the sperm quality. From what I’ve read, it helps to pick out the most motile sperm, but my husband’s sperm isn’t motile. They don’t move. So how will this benefit us?

Alternatively, they said, they could use MACS in combination with PICSI (depending on the sperm quality). But I always thought we didn’t qualify for PICSI because, again, our numbers weren’t good enough. 

It’s so hard to find definitive information on the intranet. One site says you need at least 200,000 sperm for PICSI, and another no less than 1 million motile sperm. If it’s the latter, we won’t be eligible.

I feel so let down by GENNET. I have waited four months for this, and if it fails, we’re on our fourth IVF cycle. I just have a horrible feeling about this, again.

I’ve said to GENNET that I want to speak with their urologist urgently without charge (they normally charge EUR100) but in reality, it’s too late. I have my day 22 scan tomorrow, and am due to start drugs the same day. If I don’t start tomorrow, it’s game over.

It’s unlikely I can get another clinic in Prague to take me at such short notice, and there are only two that offer IMSI. I’ve already booked my flights and accommodation, so risk losing money on those (around £200) if I pull out. Plus it’s £100 for the scan tomorrow, and we’ve already spent EUR100 on the consultation with GENNET. I’d end up losing £400 for nothing.

If I couldn’t get another clinic to take me, I’d obviously have to wait another month. That’s another month of uncertainty, more money for scans and Skype consultations, more sending information (test results etc) and probably more bloody tests, because that’s what normally happens…

I’m so done with this. 

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