We arrived in Prague yesterday at around 9:00pm – 12 hours late due to travel disruption because of the snow!

After collecting our suitcase, we got the pre-arranged cab from the airport to Motel One for 20EUR, which took around 25mins.

Motel One was perfect for what we needed. Quiet, clean, modern. Great shower, decent breakfast, a good price. Plus, it turns out I am a genius at finding hotels near clinics. Motel One is literally round the corner from GENNET. 

First impressions of the clinic – smart, clean, modern. Reassuring. The receptionist took my passport details and sent us up to the second floor where we were due to have blood tests and pre-operative checks at 10am. 

Waiting nervously in reception…

We waited in the empty reception room for half an hour. There was nobody there, except for one lady in an office. Pop music blared in the background, and we became increasingly restless.

Nobody seemed to be expecting us. We waited, and waited and nothing. By that time, we were feeling a bit annoyed. So I went to ask the lady in the office what was happening. She spoke no English (although she got the gist of the situation).

She then went off to find someone, and we waited another half an hour wondering what on earth was going on. Those good first impressions were quickly diminishing. Not only that, but some dodgy looking guy was now waiting in the reception as well. It was most bizarre.

My husband then went down to reception to see if she could call someone. Who, I have no idea. Anyone.

And then everything started happening.

One of the international co-ordinators came upstairs, as well as an embryologist and the sonographer, plus the original lady who is a nurse. She took my blood (the dodgy bloke was there to take these to a lab!). Then everyone was asking ‘where’s your husband?’. I had no idea. I trundled down to reception, where my husband is getting increasingly irate at this poor girl.

Once I’d dragged him back upstairs (he’s muttering to himself ‘I’ve never been anywhere as incompetent as this in my whole life…’), we had a very bizarre conversation with the embryologist; the international co-ordinator translating. We were all standing up, the door ajar – it wasn’t how I expected us to discuss next steps.

Basically, they were saying that – given my husband’s poor sperm quality – we should have a Plan B for egg collection day. The embryologist didn’t think the sperm was good enough to freeze, despite GENNET’s urologist telling us this was the best course of action.

They recommended my husband did a sample that morning, which would be indicative of sperm quality in a couple of days. Then, on egg collection day, they said he should do two samples an hour apart. 

It also felt to me that they were pushing us down the sperm donor route again. The co-ordinator said they’d had situations in the past where there hadn’t been enough sperm on the day, and couples had to make a hasty decision about whether to freeze eggs for a later date, or do donor.

Obviously doing donor is a massive decision, and one we’re not ready to make yet. We’ve been specifically told by a top UK urologist that in all likelihood we will get pregnant with my husband’s sperm based on COMET test results. So now, in this room, to be told we should think about donor was a bit much.

My husband was getting really agitated and I don’t blame him. 

We left it by agreeing he would do his sample there and then (well, in The Special Room), and we would wait to hear from GENNET about the quality. Meanwhile I would have my scan to determine when to take the trigger shot.

By this point, it was midday and we both felt we’d done two rounds with Mike Tyson. But then it was time for my day 10 scan.

Find out more about my day 10 scan here.

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