Day one and two results – post egg collection

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I was super impressed to receive an email from GENNET at 8:00am on day one post-egg collection confirming the number of eggs that were mature and which had fertilised.

Day one email results

The email from our co-ordinator said we had: 13 eggs collected (which we obviously knew), 12 mature, and eight fertilised.

How did we feel? Relieved and pleased to have more eggs in the running at this stage than ever before. 12 mature eggs is great, and eight fertilised a good amount. And how fantastic to know so early on in the day (unlike Reprofit, where you have to wait till 2pm)! I also loved how GENNET visually showed the eggs in a little chart – very professional.

My co-ordinator said she’d be in touch tomorrow with more news. So we spent the rest of the day gently moseying around Prague, making our way across Charles Bridge and up to the castle and cathedral in the freezing temperatures. With my last IVF cycle, there was no way I could have walked more than 10 minutes the day after egg collection. But I felt pretty good yesterday.

Letting off steam

Mr Cazziebee in particular was massively relieved. He’d barely slept the night before with the worry of it all, and so was in good spirits. We ended up that afternoon in a lovely Irish pub near our Airbnb with a roaring fire, and he proceeded to have several beers well into the evening. I had a couple of small glasses of wine but wasn’t really feeling it like he was. 

So this morning he was a little hung over, and I felt pretty fresh. I checked my email at 8:00am, expecting a day two update, but there was nothing. I looked every 10 minutes or so for the next couple of hours, but there was diddly squat, despite all my refreshing. The suspense was agonising.

Waiting for the second email

All sorts of things started going through my mind: ‘there aren’t any embryos left, which is why they’ve not contacted us… our co-ordinator is probably plucking up the courage to tell us,’ to ‘maybe the co-ordinator didn’t mean to say she’d be in touch today… maybe she meant tomorrow,’ and ‘the embryos that are left are such poor quality my co-ordinator is waiting to hear back about giving us a day three transfer…’.

The funny thing is I actually googled ‘when you find out results at GENNET’ and read a forum post from a girl who said she got so worried she’s not heard anything by 11am she started assuming the worst (like ‘our co-ordinator is probably plucking up the courage to tell us there are no embryos left’. So I thought: maybe we will hear from our co-ordinator by around 11am.

So we went for a coffee and sure enough, at 11:05am, there was an email. Ulgh, it’s horrible, isn’t it? The anticipation. But I could see on my mobile without opening it that the co-ordinator had written ‘I’m pleased to inform you…’ so I was like: what, what?!

Day two results

I’m terrible for opening important emails (in that I barely dare and often put it off) so my husband snatched the phone and read down. ‘I don’t understand,’ he said. So I took the phone back, and read for myself.

I was so pleased with what it said, and I quote:

  • 1 embryo with 6 cells of quality 1-2
  • 3 embryos with 5 cells of quality 1-2
  • 4 embryos with 4 cells of quality 1-2

We’ve both done lots of googling since then (standard) and I KNOW the ideal number of cells on day two is four, so only half of our eight are there. But the five cells might be OK, right? I’ve read such conflicting information about it all over the last few hours, it’s giving me such anxiety!

I’m obviously really pleased the quality is at the top of the scale, although I know this can change as the days progress.

The never-ending worry

I feel really positive at the moment, but the worry just takes over, doesn’t it? You’re momentarily relieved when you get a good update, and then you start stressing out about what’s going to happen tomorrow. At least I do.

So tomorrow is another day. Apparently we want eight-cell day three embryos, so all my fingers and toes are crossed for that. I’m just hoping we don’t have to wait till 11:05am tomorrow to find out!

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