Day 10 scan – please let there be better news!

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You’ll notice most of my updates are me-focused, with very little mention of my husband!

Well, that’s because he is down in Windsor working at the moment (where we live) and I am up in Sheffield – also working – albeit remotely.

But my other half came up this weekend to accompany me to my day 10 scan, thank goodness.

I was pretty upset after my day 8 scan, when I found out I only had seven follicles that were growing.

I know lots of people have worse outcomes than this (having to downreg for longer, not responding to the stims at all, having only one or two follicles, etc) but I was so not expecting it.

After having had so many follicles during the short protocol in the first cycle, I just expected to have follicles aplenty.

And with 18 follicles detected at my AFC scan, I assumed they’d all stim.

Nope. Flawed again by the IVF process.

Anyway, I felt so much better being in the waiting room with my husband for this scan. He is calm and funny and positive, and this helped me climb out of my pit of woe.

But my heart sank when my name was called, and the nurse promptly announced she was in training. Grrrrreeeeeeat, I thought. She’s going to have NO idea!

But she was lovely and competent and, to her great credit, found two more follicles! One more on the right (bringing that side to a grand total of… two) and another on the left – so nine in total.

I was so grateful, I practically had a spring in my step when leaving the clinic. Well, almost. I mean, nine is still a big disappointment for me, but if I end up with nine eggs? Well, that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

It’s amazing how my expectations have lowered since a few days ago. I had dreams of 18 flipping eggs. Oh, how naïve.

Problem is, I don’t expect there to be nine eggs when it comes to egg collection. I am going to predict it and say we’ll get five or six eggs, and five will be mature. There you go, that’s my prediction!

Now, either I’ll be massively surprised, and we’ll manage to get more… in which case, I’ll be pleased. As long as we beat three mature eggs like last time.

Or we’ll do even worse than the first cycle and I’ll look upon the above but one paragraph and feel sick with myself for being so bloody naïve and stupid. Again.

Like that debate about whether to put two eggs in or not at egg transfer… no point in worrying about that dilemma again, is there? Silly girl.

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