After the fun and games of our first encounter at GENNET, it was time for my day 10 scan.

I felt super nervous about the results. I don’t know why. My day 7 scan had gone pretty well, with around 10 good-sized follicles, all growing evenly. (Thank goodness – this is what I was most worried about, after the run-away lead follicle of my second cycle.) But you never know what’s round the corner with IVF, do you?

The Czech sonographer was lovely. She asked me if I felt well – if I’d had any headaches or cramping – and I said no. Then I took the clothes on my bottom half off and laid down on the bed. There was no bit of absorbent paper to cover my modesty here. I was full frontal and that was the end of it.

The sonographer put the dildo camera up with zero song or dance (normally they’re ‘gently does it,’ ‘here comes the probe’, ‘it might be a bit cold…’ Nope. None of that!) and had a good root around. 

She showed my the endometrium lining, which was how it should be. Then measured the follicles, which looked fairly even to me. I could only see around five or six on both sides but, afterwards, she said we might be looking at 15 or so eggs on egg collection day.

I was like: YESSSSS PLEAAASSSE! Although she did say it could be more or less. 

If we got 15 mature eggs, I’d be over the moon. But I’m also conscious that I expected around that amount for my first cycle, and I only got six eggs (three mature) so I have learned to take anything anyone says with a handful of salt. But 15 would be five better than cycle two, and nine more than cycle one.

She told me to take the stims as normal that day and pull the trigger the next day at 8pm. So egg collection is Tuesday, which is brilliant as it means we can come back Sunday together, rather than me staying till Monday on my own. (It does mean that I now have to change my flight, which is probably going to cost a load of money but hey… in the grand scheme of things, this is a good result.)

After the scan and sample (my husband was busy ‘doing a sample’ while I was being scanned), we had to race off to check into our Airbnb about a mile away. So we trundled off, bags in tow, to the Jewish Ghetto.

We found out later that afternoon that the sperm sample was OK – there were some live sperm, but very few. They said they’re not sure there will be enough to fertilise all the eggs on the day, but they hope there will be with the two samples combined (he’s going to do them one hour apart).

I guess we’ll find out on Tuesday, egg collection :-/ Otherwise we might be freezing my eggs. And what a waste of time it’ll all have been.

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