One of the most annoying things that people say who don’t know much about infertility or IVF is: ‘If you just relax, it’ll happen.’ Sure. In theory. But relaxing isn’t going to do much in our situation, with my other half’s dumb ass sperm. I mean, those sperm are so relaxed, they ain’t movin’ anywhere!…Continue Reading “10 ways to relax when IVF gets stressful”

Ulgh, I’ve had one of those days where I’ve been a right negative ninny on the IVF-front. I didn’t sleep well, so I woke up feeling knackered before the day even began. Then we had a meeting at work, where every other person was pregnant (or it seemed that way). And this was swiftly followed…Continue Reading “6 common negative IVF thoughts and how to reframe them”

Boy oh boy, so you’ve failed your first cycle. Yep, that was me last month. And what a kick in the teeth and the stomach and the balls that was. After you’ve got over the shock and the upset and the utter despair of the situation, why not try this exercise? Writing down all the…Continue Reading “Finding the positives from your first failed IVF cycle”