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It’s been three weeks and one day since we discovered our missed miscarriage at the 12-week scan. And two weeks five days since the ERPC procedure. So let’s call it three weeks since the nightmare began. When we heard those words, that our baby had no heartbeat, my own heart broke. I looked at my…Continue Reading “5 ways I knew I felt ‘better’ after my miscarriage”

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While on sick leave from our recent missed miscarriage and subsequent ERPC procedure, I went to the library (it’s one of my favourite places) and took The IVF Diet – Zita West out. The book was a pleasant surprise. I’m not normally interested in cooking or recipes, and generally find books like this a bit…Continue Reading “The IVF Diet – Zita West: my top 10 take-aways”

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It must be hard being the husband of a woman going through a miscarriage. “Are you the partner?” said the doctor to my husband as we waited for our ERPC procedure last Monday. I thought: who the bloody hell do you think he is (in my usual, convivial way)?! I can’t put myself fully in…Continue Reading “Six ways to support your husband or partner following a miscarriage”

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Deciding how long to take off work after a missed miscarriage is tricky. I agonised over it unnecessarily for days. It’s been 12 days since we discovered I’d had a missed miscarriage.  The pregnancy stopped at nine weeks, but there were no signs that anything was wrong until the 12-week scan.  Finding out I was…Continue Reading “How long to take off work after a missed miscarriage”

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This was one of my main take-aways from the Fertility Show, London, November 2018.  My husband and I paid £3 each to go to a seminar by Russell Davis, a hypnotherapist, who talked about his own experience with infertility and the body/mind connection.  The main gist of it was to realise that, whatever happens –…Continue Reading “‘Whatever happens, you’re going to be OK’”

I said to myself this cycle that I wouldn’t trawl the IVF forums. During the first round, I found myself disappearing down endless Google rabbit holes, which was so depressing at the time. However, I’m doing it again. Now I’m stimming, and my first scan went down like a shit sandwich, I’m searching: Uneven follicle…Continue Reading “Pearls of wisdom from the IVF forums”

I’ve already had one session of acupuncture up in Sheffield when I had my AFC scan a few weeks back, where the lady said I should be having at last two sessions a week from now til egg transfer and beyond. Well, as that session cost a small fortune, I wasn’t keen to be forking…Continue Reading “Acupuncture during downregging – here’s what I learned”

When I was up in Sheffield last week for my AFC scan, I also made an appointment to see an acupuncturist specialising in fertility. She asked me to fill in a questionnaire beforehand, which we went through during the session. I thought it would just be a consultation, but after going through my answers, she…Continue Reading “Acupuncture and IVF – worth it?”

I woke up today feeling blue. I know why: I’m going to a friend’s baby party today (she had her newborn the same weekend we found our first round of IVF had failed) and I just don’t want to. I know it’ll be full of yummy mommies and smug daddies, and cute babies everywhere. Because…Continue Reading “Practising gratitude on those down days”