colourful candies

There’s not many days on our IVF journey where we’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The highs and lows I can count them on one hand, actually, although the good news was always followed by bad: IVF cycle one – having 30+ follicles on our second stim scan (but only getting three mature eggs – biggest bummer…Continue Reading “Day three post-egg collection”

I was super impressed to receive an email from GENNET at 8:00am on day one post-egg collection confirming the number of eggs that were mature and which had fertilised. Day one email results The email from our co-ordinator said we had: 13 eggs collected (which we obviously knew), 12 mature, and eight fertilised. How did…Continue Reading “Day one and two results – post egg collection”

We arrived in Prague yesterday at around 9:00pm – 12 hours late due to travel disruption because of the snow! After collecting our suitcase, we got the pre-arranged cab from the airport to Motel One for 20EUR, which took around 25mins. Motel One was perfect for what we needed. Quiet, clean, modern. Great shower, decent…Continue Reading “First GENNET appointment”

Four hot air balloons

In 20 minutes’ time, we were due to fly to Prague. But we’re not. Instead, British Airways (BA) have cancelled our flight because of ‘extreme fog’ forecasted for this morning.  A bit of white stuff We live only a few miles away from the airport, and it is not foggy. There is snow on the…Continue Reading “Flight cancelled, stress levels maxed”