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I’m now 39 weeks pregnant, and there are five days to go until my due date. How on earth did that happen? It’s all a bit surreal! I’m still busy working my way through my to-do list (organising all my photos, tax return, cleaning/tidying…) but I’m getting there. My attitude up to this point has…Continue Reading “39 weeks pregnant – any time now”

Spring blossom against a blue sky

I’m now 38 weeks pregnant, and we’re living through extraordinary times. We’re in week four, going on five, of lockdown because of the global coronavirus pandemic. It means everyone’s stuck at home. We’re allowed to go out once a day for exercise, to visit the supermarket for essential food and travel to the office if…Continue Reading “38 weeks – extraordinary times”

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I’m 37 weeks pregnant (37+3 to be precise) and I’m feeling: anxious, uncomfortable, irritable, unsettled, anti-social, unprepared, frightened, regretful and angry. Why? Surely I should be excited, grateful and ready… the last few days, I seem to have gone into a bit of a fug. I’m really on edge, and sometimes I can’t breathe properly. All…Continue Reading “37-week update – the tension builds”

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I’m 19+2 today, and am feeling really anxious about our 20-week scan next week. I don’t think I’ll ever feel relaxed about these scans. I told a couple of friends on Friday about being so nervous, and they were like ‘But why? It’ll be fine!’ and I thought, you just don’t know that.  I remember…Continue Reading “Counting down to the 20-week scan”