It’s over. Pretty much. Yesterday I got a positive on a pregnancy test (First Response) at seven days post egg transfer. A squinter, but definitely a line. This morning I took a cheap test, thinking that if I was pregnant, a line would show (even though it was less sensitive than the First Response) given…Continue Reading “Baby it ain’t over till… who am I kidding?”

Yesterday was egg retrieval day, and it was a completely different experience to the one I had in Reprofit, Czech Republic. Here’s how. Pre and post care Unlike cycle one, the nurse at Jessops actually talked us through the process, from the cannula, sedation and procedure, to the phone calls we’d receive from the embryologist…Continue Reading “Egg retrieval – UK vs Czech Republic”

I’m sitting here, the night before IVF egg collection, full of hope. I know I shouldn’t be. I have nine follicles, and last cycle – despite many more follicles – I still only got six eggs. And half of those were unusable. But still, I can’t help myself. I feel excited. Sure, the prospect of…Continue Reading “The feeling you get before IVF egg collection”

You’ll notice most of my updates are me-focused, with very little mention of my husband! Well, that’s because he is down in Windsor working at the moment (where we live) and I am up in Sheffield – also working – albeit remotely. But my other half came up this weekend to accompany me to my…Continue Reading “Day 10 scan – please let there be better news!”

I said to myself this cycle that I wouldn’t trawl the IVF forums. During the first round, I found myself disappearing down endless Google rabbit holes, which was so depressing at the time. However, I’m doing it again. Now I’m stimming, and my first scan went down like a shit sandwich, I’m searching: Uneven follicle…Continue Reading “Pearls of wisdom from the IVF forums”