Can IVF drugs change your metabolism?

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It’s been over three months since my first failed IVF round, and I’m feeling tubby around the middle.

Whenever I put on weight, it’s always on my tummy. My love handles get a little wider, my once-flat stomach gets a bulge at the bottom – almost mimicking early pregnancy (and therefore mocking my predicament) and my jeans get a little tighter around the waist.

And I’ve had all this before, and I manage to lose the paunch eventually. Several times. But I’m scared now that it’s because of the IVF changing my metabolism after (very randomly) reading that it in Fern Britton’s 2008 autobiography*.

For several months now, I’ve been running two-three times a week. And not just little ones. Proper 10K runs. But still, I’ve put on weight. Plus, I walk a lot, often clocking up two or three miles a day, on top all the jogs, so it just doesn’t seem fair!

It doesn’t help that I like a drink. I don’t think boozing on the weekend helps, even though I don’t have as much as I used to. And I suppose, if I’m honest, I have got into the habit of munching on a bit of chocolate most nights, which I never used to do.

So what to do?

Sit ups.

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a 300-abs challenge, which I’d seen on Pinterest. Just a series of abdominal exercises which, if done every day, should give me abs of steel.

Well, that lasted all of five minutes, like all good new year’s resolutions do. However, I have done it on and off for the last seven months. But, while I’ve been foregoing the gym for running outside in the glorious summer we’re having in the UK, the ab crunches have fallen by the wayside.

Not anymore!

I’ve got the gym mat from out the cupboard, and I’m determined to get back to my former glory. I don’t suppose I’ll get around to it every day, but a handful of times each week would be a great start.

I am aware that if I actually get pregnant, I can probably kiss goodbye to a lovely flat stomach for good. But I really wanted to be in good shape for this IVF to at least give me some chance of getting most of my figure back post-pregnancy. Or am I just being super naïve? I’m hoping I’ll find out.

*Look, it was in my bookshelf, I wanted a bit of light reading, so I indulged, OK?! I have no idea how it got there, or that Fern Britton had even had IVF til I read it. So it was a funny coincidence, and actually quite comforting.

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