Baseline scan to check downregs

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I was travelling on the train this morning to yet another Ultrasound Direct clinic (this is the third branch I’ve tried) feeling sick with nerves.

Has the sniffing worked? Have a down-regulated properly? Will I need to go another week?

Oh, the anxiety us IVF girls have to go through!

Synarel, the nasal spray, has been amazing compared with injections. So much easier. However, I wasn’t convinced it was working. And then my period was late, so I knew it was but then I panicked because I was worried the whole cycle would have to be pushed back a week…

… and of course I’d thrown caution to the wind – being such an old-timer at these things – and booked all my flights and accommodation in advance.

So it was a huge relief when the sonographer said everything looked as it should (no cysts, thin lining of between 2-3cm, no dominant follicles etc). 

I was concerned however that she pointed out some fibroids (are these different from cysts, by the way? Probably not.) The sonographer at my scan two weeks ago also showed me these (even though no one picked up on them during the last two IVF rounds so I suspect they’re as a result of the IVF drugs), asking me if I’d ever had endometriosis. (Which, by the way, don’t you just have or not??? And I never have, so that was a slightly concerning question.)

Anyway, this sonograoher found another fibroid – this time towards the birthing canal (I think she said) which could be in a tricky position if I ever do get pregnant, apparently. Great.

Once I had my scan and sent the report to GENNET, I had a tense couple of hours to wait while they checked with the doctor that I was OK to continue. I was so relieved when the email confirmed I could start the stims that night.

Thank goodness!

So I am super excited now. We’re on track to fly in a week’s time, which means only five more days of work! And then a week off. 

Yes, there’ll probably be a million bloody highs and lows, and nothing is ever straight forward with IVF. But I’m feeling hopeful. I just pray nothing awful happens, like no eggs fertilising, or no embryos developing… or no sperm. God, the possibilities for upset are endless.

But we should only worry about what we can control, not what we can’t. So I’d best make sure I’m getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of water and thinking many positive thoughts.

Next scan in six days’ time.

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