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My second baseline antra follicle scan was much better than the first.

I had initially been so pleased day 2 of my cycle had fallen on a Saturday. It meant me and my partner could drive up to Sheffield from Windsor together without taking any time off work, we could spend some time with my mom and then come back on the Sunday before being back in the office Monday. No weird absences that might look strange to those at work who don’t know I’m about to do IVF.

Obviously, when my first scan showed either I was pregnant, or there was something else more sinister going on, I was floored. I wasn’t pregnant, I soon found out (quelle surprise). So I could either go back into Jessops on Monday for another scan, or go up another time before day 21. But when? I had no free weekends left, and it’s such a long way to come for a five-minute scan, all the while having the anxiety of not knowing whether I’d be starting this cycle or not.

We decided to go in that Monday morning, but I was panicking because of work. We both just emailed our bosses to explain we’d not be in that morning and could we take it as holiday. Luckily my boss was really understanding, and said it was fine – that I’ve been flexible for them on other occasions – so it’s give and take. Such a relief.

And the scan was fine, too. There were two nurses there this time. The one who did my original scan, and a sonographer. They were quiet for a long time, looking at the monitor, and I thought: ‘uh-oh’. But finally they said ‘It’s absolutely fine.’ And the clincher? ‘You’ve got lovely ovaries,’ one of them said. Oh, the small things that make you happy during the IVF process!

The other great thing is the nurses confirmed the dates that I’ll be cycling, and the whole thing will be done one week sooner than I expected, if all goes to plan. And knowing the dates helps me plan for when I’ll need to be in Sheffield, which is good for work and my peace of mind. I had great pleasure blocking the time out in my calendar!

Plus, the ‘old’ dates weren’t great in terms of my mom being around. She’s on holiday during the week I was due to finish the stims, so I’d have been on my own after egg collection. (My hubby would be there on the day, but not on the days after as he’ll have to be back at work.) So lots of good news.

After the scan, we collected the bag full of drugs from the pharmacy, then proceeded on the long drive home on what was one of the hottest days of the year, in a 20-year old convertible with a roof that no longer folds down with no air con. But I was happy. Thursday 9 August 2018 bring it on.

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