A sucker for supplements

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I am not one of those people who believes that taking expensive vitamins and supplements can make any difference to the IVF outcome.

I am a sucker for supplements.

When I first started IVF, I bought cheap multivitamins from Tesco, folic acid and cod liver oil, and CoQ10. I thought I was ahead of the curve, and that IVF was bound to work given my colossal vitamin and mineral intake.

Then IVF failed – twice – and I started scrabbling around for things to do – anything – that might increase our chances of success.

I read, as all good IVF girls do, It Starts with the Egg, by Rebecca Fett. The story is enticing. The author was given next to no chance of having children naturally because of her low ovarian reserve, but yet she ended up with masses of perfect embryos, mostly – she believes – because of the supplements she took.

Even the massive cynic in me couldn’t ignore this story (even though I am still cynical. She was in her 20s or early 30s when she had IVF, and age is such an important factor in IVF) because of course I want to be that girl that goes from getting one embryo to ‘take your pick’, and some frozen ones to boot (the holy grail, IMHO).

I went on Rebecca Fett’s website and bought the recommended multivitamin at £32 a pop on Amazon, and the suggested ubiquinol (way better than the cheap CoQ10, ubiquinol’s poor relation) at an eye-watering £30. What a sucker I am.

I’ve been taking these supplements for about three months now (although I never quite remember to take the three-multivitamins a day quota, so the money I’m spending is probably a waste of time). And while I have no idea whether it’s improving my egg quality (that comes in January 2019 with IVF round three) I have to say my nails are absolutely fabulous!

As I no longer wear nail varnish (and I love nail varnish) or perfume for that matter because of IVF (other recommendations from the book), having strong, shiny (yes, shiny!) nails – even in winter – is at least one IVF side effect I can cope with. 

So let’s see how it all goes. I do think my copious drinking over December probably cancels out any progress I’ve made with supplements… But dry January (and IVF treatment) is right round the corner. Bring on 2019! 

Happy new year everyone. 

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