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I never thought I’d see the day – me, seeing a midwife!

Yesterday was our booking-in appointment at my local GP surgery. My husband has been very cute and insisted on being there, even though I said it was likely just to be a form-filling exercise.

Actually, it was a good idea he was there. The midwife said we had to decide the hospital we’d want to have the baby at that appointment, so we had to have a discussion there and then. 

Even though it’s not the closest, I suggested Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, because I know someone who went there and said it was relatively small and friendly. 

The nearest one is Wexham Park, Slough, but my boss had her daughter there and said it was awful. Apparently she was left in the corridor for hours as there were no beds available, so I’d rather travel a little further to be honest!

The midwife went through me and my husband’s medical history. Other than the IVF, though, there’s nothing particular to note for either of us in terms of family illness like diabetes. She did say the IVF might mean I have to have an additional appointment with a consultant, but that would probably be it. 

She confirmed that – apart from the 12-week scan and blood tests – all the other appointments, such as the 16-week one, will be with her. So that’s brilliant! Rather that than traipsing to the hospital, which is 30-minutes drive away.

Next steps are that she will send a form to Frimley Park Hospital and they will then send a letter in the post with my 12-week scan and blood test appointments. I almost can’t wait to find out when they’ll be, as they can be anywhere between 10-14 weeks. 

We’re actually away in Cornwall during week 12, so I hope it’s not a date that clashes with our trip. My guess is it’ll be week 13 – I’m calling it! And all going well, my plan is to tell my work on 29 April, beginning of week 14. Exciting stuff!

Generally, though, I’m feeling quite melancholy at the moment. Of course I’m so super happy everything seems to be going well, but I’m just so shattered. Work is horribly busy, I can’t stop worrying about it, and I have absolutely no energy or sense of humour. I just don’t seem to be enjoying anything.

Because of the IVF, I’ve basically been taking hormones for three months now (I started sniffing second week in January, I think), so I’ve not felt like myself for 12 weeks. I’ve not done any exercise all year except walking, when normally I run and go to the gym. And I’m still taking the pessaries, with three weeks to go.

I know I shouldn’t complain. I feel like I’m never happy, no matter what happens. I’m not getting any morning sickness? Complain. I start to feel nauseous and queasy? Complain. I’m never satisfied, I know. (I should really start up my gratitude jar again which, incidentally, I’ve not added to since I got pregnant… not even to say ‘I’m grateful for being pregnant’ :-O).

All I’ve gotta do is just get through the next two weeks of work and enjoy 10 days off over Easter. Then, hopefully in the second trimester, I might start to feel a bit more human again. 

I cannot wait!

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3 thoughts on “9+4 – Booking-in appointment

  1. Hello, I prepare for Ivf at Gennet whit doctor Martin.

    You are satisfaied by clinic? Are ok? Any tips fore me?

    Thank you verhy Much


    1. Hi Eugenia – very much so. It’s a really modern clinic, which offers basically everything you would need for a successful cycle. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. We had our best cycle by far there, and Prague is a lovely city to spend time in. Tips… be prepared to argue your case if you feel something isn’t right. Initially, Gennet recommended I did the short protocol, but we’d had a bad cycle from our first IVF doing that so I pushed for the long protocol, which they agreed to. They also tried to push us down the donor route, which we didn’t want to do. I know we weren’t successful this round, but there’s definitely hope – almost half of our eggs fertilised and 80% of those were good enough to freeze, so don’t be talked into something you’re not happy with. Wishing you all the best of luck 🙂 Cx

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