8+6 – what a week it’s been

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Lots of raspberries close up

I do like my good intentions. But when I read back on my last post from a week ago, I realise that’s all they are. I’ve not acted on one of them.

I’m not reading more, I’ve not added anything to my gratitude jar (I haven’t even said I’m grateful for being pregnant yet), I haven’t painted my nails and I definitely haven’t left work on time. 

The only thing I’ve done since last week is put on 6 Music instead of the normal 5 Live (my husband always tunes it back to this), so at least I’ve listened to some music instead of sport.

Lots on my mind

My mind has definitely been preoccupied. Last weekend, I was absolutely convinced all my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared. Well, they had. I still hadn’t had nausea and my (.)(.) were smaller and less sensitive. I was still tired, but I didn’t feel as tired…

On Monday I also had two migraines, just as I had in the early (early) stages of pregnancy, so I convinced myself my hormone levels were dropping. I actually think they were a result of me worrying so much, but who knows.

Another scan

My husband said we should have another scan, so we got an appointment after work on Tuesday. Off we trundled – this must have been the fourth time we’d gone to this Ultrasound place all in all (but only the second time while pregnant).

We turned up, really nervous, and noticed the person who came out of the scanning room with another couple was a man. Oh god, I thought. I know pretty much everyone’s seen my foof thanks to having three rounds of IVF, but I’ve never been probed by a male sonographer!

Luckily, he just scanned on top of my belly, and I am relieved to say he found the baby and heartbeat almost straight away. I was in such shock. I was absolutely convinced we were in for bad news, but there it was – a little alien with a strong heartbeat. We were overjoyed.

Baby alien

The baby was measuring bang on what it should have been at 8+1 (the size of a raspberry!) and you could see it’s outline and everything. No longer was it a flashing blob on the screen – you could see its head, body and tail as well. A proper baby. It was amazing. 

The only shame was we weren’t allowed to film the screen, as we had at the first one, which I’m gutted about. But we got some grainy printed photos to add to the collection. And main thing is, the baby was OK and I’ve relaxed a bit now.

Careful what you wish for… nausea

And guess what? The nausea has definitely kicked in. From around 8+3 I think, I’ve been queasy. On Thursday night, I hardly ate any of my dinner and on Friday I really was off-colour. I want to say ‘yay’ but I’m too tired and queasy right now! 😉

Work is a ball-ache

Work continues to stress me out. We’re so busy, it’s constant 100-miles an hour from the time I get in at 8am from the time I leave (often after 6pm, with no lunch break). Everyone’s a bit fraught, so I’ve been navigating angry colleagues and difficult emails, which is not easy or pleasant most of the time.

It’s Sunday today, and I’m seriously considering doing a couple of hours just to get myself on an even keel before it starts kicking off. We’re running an event at work on Wednesday, so I’m nervous about that, and have a big team meeting on Thursday, so those two hours might do me some good.

Easter countdown

I’m just counting down till Easter now. In three weeks, I have 11 days off work, and I cannot wait. Not only that, but then I’ll be at the 12-week mark and can officially ‘come out’. I’m hoping at that point, the craziness at work might have died down. If it hasn’t, I’m going to have to have a word with my boss because I recognise I should be taking it easier than I am at the minute.

So, all in all a great week. I’m pretty sure now the baby’s going to be OK (touch wood a million times) and my symptoms are finally here in full force. Maybe now I’ll start enjoying the pregnancy a bit more… just no more spotting now, please!

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