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I can’t believe how quickly January 2020 has flown by, and I’m now about to start my third trimester! It’s like time is speeding up, somehow. The first tri was slow, with every day full of trepidation and anxiety. The second was quicker, but still filled with worry – especially the first half, when I felt completely ‘normal’ again. But now it seems a lot more real, and we’re starting to get really excited :-).


So first of all, telling work my news at 23 weeks was a massive weight off my shoulders. Everyone was lovely about it, and it was such a relief not having to cover up my little bump anymore. Although from 23 weeks to the end of 26, my bump has doubled in size so there’s no hiding it anymore! It’s extraordinary how I was worried about lack of growth back then, and now I can’t envision being any bigger!

Since telling work, three other of my colleagues have also revealed they’re pregnant. It’s crazy! One of whom had fertility issues as well, so it’s exciting times. We’ve already started advertising for my mat leave, which is stressing me out a bit. We’re getting CVs from massively qualified people, and apparently my boss wants to find a ‘heavy hitter’. I’m scared they won’t want me back at the end of it! I just keep telling myself what will be, will be, and it’s out of my control. No point worrying about it, is there?


I’ve started going to pregnancy yoga, and in the first one I remember saying how worried I was that I wasn’t feeling enough movement. Well that was at 23 weeks, and from there on, I have been feeling the baby a lot more. I can even see movement on my belly now, and my husband can feel it, too. I don’t get loads of big kicks, but there are sensations all day, particularly at night, so that’s comforting. 

I had a bit of a worry yesterday, as I didn’t feel much in the morning. I made the mistake of telling my husband, who is a real stress-head, and he kept asking me for ‘wiggle updates’. But the baby is fine. I just need to relax a bit. I am much less stressed now, though, with the regular wiggles and flip-flopping – I know she’s in there, and she’s OK. I’d even go so far as to say in the middle of the night, it’s a bit annoying! Be careful what you wish for 🙂


Boy, I’m tired. For the last two weeks, I’ve found myself waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to get to sleep again. After three nights on the trot, I become really quite irritable and have had a couple of hormonal outbursts when I’ve been in tears for pretty much no reason at all. Last night was the worst yet. I had really bad indigestion, to the point where I had to go and sleep upright on the sofa after drinking some bicarb of soda dissolved in water. This helped but it was all a bit unpleasant. What didn’t was having two excitable cats jumping on my head all night. Thank goodness it’s Sunday and I don’t have to do anything… 


Having said that, I’m going over to a colleague’s shortly to look at a pram she’s getting rid of. It’s an iCandy (like this one), which are expensive full price. She said she’ll give it us, but I’m going to slip her some cash as that’ll save us a fortune. This feels like a really big milestone for us. A buggy! It’s all getting a bit real now. Although we have started accumulating quite a few bits already. We’ve already been lent a moses basket, car seat and crib. I bought a changing mat yesterday, and we got a big bagful of clothes at dirt-cheap prices a couple of days before Mothercare closed its doors for good (RIP). So we’re getting there.


I think January has whizzed by because we’ve done so much to the house. We had our bathroom tarted up, involving boxing in the boiler, laying down a new floor and changing up the heated towel rail, among other bits and bobs. It looks 100% better, and for not a huge amount of money, relatively speaking. We’ve also had some damp treated, a couple of new radiators fitted, our fencing fixed and the floors downstairs sanded and walls repainted. All this in a matter of weeks! It’s given us a chance to reconfigure our furniture layout, too, so it’s like being in a new house. Next is sorting the room that will be the nursery, which is currently full to the rafters with crap! I’m really looking forward to getting that ready – the final piece in the puzzle.


I’m still managing to go to the gym twice a week before work – I do a 5K run, and a 15-minute row. The last but one run I did was a bit tough, but the most recent felt reasonably comfortable, weirdly. But the last row was quite hard and my bump was just there, getting in the way, so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to keep going with that. My aim is to continue twice a week until I go on holiday, in two and a half weeks (yay!). Then I’d like to switch it up to swimming, but we’ll see. Swimming in winter before work isn’t the most appealing prospect! 


Now I’m just working towards my holiday. We’re going to Tallinn in Estonia for three days, then catching the ferry over to Helsinki, Finland, for two. It’s a bit bizarre, as I had desperately wanted a last winter sun holiday where I could laze around and read all week, but somehow we’ve ended up choosing city breaks to a couple of countries that are likely to be artic! Still, they’re reasonably cheap so we’ve got lovely hotels lined up, both with gyms, pools and breakfast included. I’ve wanted to go to Tallinn for years, so it’s nice to be able to tick another couple of places off my must-see list while we have the chance. 


My L3 counselling course is almost over! I’ve been doing it since September last year, so I’ve been pregnant throughout and, as you can imagine, the first few weeks were tough going. It doesn’t finish till 10pm, so it’s been a slog, and the standard has been high – I didn’t realise it would be so much effort. Essentially I’ve completed three big essays, a piece of coursework every week, while doing skills training and learning theory. Oh, and there was an exam which I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve passed or not (I find out in a month). 

I’ve really enjoyed it, and I absolutely want to continue to L4. But I don’t know how I’m going to manage with a new baby. The course will start September 2020, when the baby is five months’ old. I actually believe I could do it while I’m on maternity leave. My dilemma is do I stay where I am based now, which is a bit of a trek and means a late night each week. Or do I take a day course closer to home and pay for childcare every week? The other bit I’m worrying about is the second year, when I’m back at work. But I’m probably getting ahead of myself here. I need to have the baby first, rather than planning the next two years of my life!

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