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Well it’s been two weeks since I gave you a pregnancy update, and not a lot has happened, if I’m honest. Apparently this is the time where there should be a big growth spurt for the baby, and I definitely can tell a difference in the size of my ‘bump’, but it’s still practically non-existent. 

Where’s my bump?!

I’m getting slightly more self-conscious at work about what I’m wearing, and have been more aware of disguising my expanding waistline. But I don’t think anyone would suspect I’m pregnant, let alone almost half-way through! Not that I’m complaining…

I suppose half of me likes the fact I can still keep it anonymous for now, and the other is wondering why I’m not showing more or feeling any movement. I know it’s still early days, but I’m starting to get nervous about the scan in two weeks and what they will find. If I feel flutters between now and then, I think it’ll ease my mind a bit.

The only other update is in the last week my nausea started up a little again. That’s slightly comforting. I googled ‘nausea at 17 weeks’ and I saw a few people had posted the same thing. I guess it’s the growth spurt – that’s what I’m hoping and praying for.

Reasons to believe

Other than that, with every passing day, I’m starting to believe it might all be OK. I’ve booked the NCT classes for March (yes, super keeno, but our midwife said they get filled up quickly and I definitely don’t want to miss out). I’ve also booked annual leave in April, the week before I want to go on maternity leave after Easter. 

In my head, I want all of April ‘off’. I’ll have finished my counselling course by then, done the NCT classes, and I just want some time to myself to get prepared. The crazy thing is that, after Christmas, that’ll mean just three months left at work. The thought of this brings me deep joy!

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