10 push-ups a day: IVF one-month challenge

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My IVF one-month challenges series begins in earnest!

It’s been just over two weeks since I had an ERPC procedure for my 12-week missed miscarriage and I’m slowly starting to feel more like the old me.

No, not that care-free old me that existed before trying for a baby, silly. More the one who was still consumed by IVF but ‘dared to dream’, as Izzy Judd would say.

Anyway, part of my ‘recovery’ is down to the fact I’m starting to look forwards again, in particular towards IVF round four (can’t believe I’m writing those words).

As anyone who’s been through more than a couple of IVF rounds knows, the waiting between cycles is rough. But I was rereading this old post I wrote earlier this year, and it’s true: three months will fly by.

May’s challenge

It’s important to set new goals in between IVF cycles so you’re not simply counting down the days til your next injection.

So I’ve come up with a series of one-month IVF challenges to keep me focused until my next round (potentially in August 2019), and to give me a sense of progression.

Press-up challenge

My IVF one-month challenge this month is to do 10 press-ups a day. How hard could that be?!

Now I’ve been practising… and I can confirm I cannot do 10 press-ups! Not in one go, anyway.

Back in January, before my last IVF round and subsequent miscarriage, I felt as fit as a fiddle, and could have done 10-press ups easily.

No longer.

As I’ve done absolutely no exercise (other than walking) for three months, I’m now rather unfit. I’ve recently started back on the running, which is gruelling. But I know I can get back on form in time.

10 press-ups a day, however, especially after 31 days, should be easy-peasy, right?

Push-up challenge diary

Date Done Comment
1 May 2019   X   9.5 – a real struggle
2 May 2019   X   8 – I’m weak
3 May 2019   X   8 – still weak
4 May 2019   X   10 – yippee!
5 May 2019   X   10 – definitely feeling stronger
10 – I did another 10 this eve 🙂
6 May 2019   X   10+10 = morning/evening
7 May 2019 X     10
8 May 2019   X   10
9 May 2019   X   10
10 May 2019   X   10
11 May 2019   EEK   Think I forgot!
12 May 2019   X   10
13 May 2019   X   10+10 = morning/evening
14 May 2019   X   10
15 May 2019   X   10
16 May 2019   X   10
17 May 2019   X   10
18 May 2019   X   10
19 May 2019   X   10
20 May 2019   X   10+10 = morning/evening
21 May 2019    
22 May 2019    
23 May 2019    
24 May 2019    
25 May 2019    
26 May 2019    
27 May 2019    
28 May 2019    
29 May 2019    
30 May 2019    
31 May 2019    

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